Why customer expectations are rising in the communications sector

I recently attend a breakfast meeting to discuss customer service in a part of the communications sector (digital terrestrial television). I was asked to make some opening remarks and highlighted the following reasons why customer expectations are high and rising:

  1. The technology itself is driving expectations as we see falling prices, increased speeds, increased capacity, increased functionality, and some truly transformative devices and services such as the Apple watch. In television, we are seeing more channels, better picture quality, and more functionality such as easier recording and catch-up services.
  2. The companies themselves have driven up expectations with their marketing and advertising: “superfast”, “ultrafast”, “fastest”, “up to”, “largest”, “cheapest”, “no caps”, “everything everywhere”. In television, Freeview promotes the one-off payment and then free usage, while Sky – competitor to Freeview – urges us to “believe in better”
  3. At both an individual and societal level, we are becoming ever-more dependent on IT products and services, so network outages, network congestion, expiry of battery life and loss of mobile signal are not simply inconveniences but can effect our ability to access information and services or work at home or obtain the best deals online. Similarly, for television, loss of a TV channel or poor reception are not simply inconveniences but effect our quality of life.
  4. Consumers compare every company with the best and the best are really good: the likes of Amazon, Apple, John Lewis.


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