It may not be the most challenging political question of our time …

… but, in the face of such depressing news, let’s consider for a moment a more lighthearted dilemma that is quintessentially British.

A delicious British treat is the cream tea which consists of a scone with clotted cream and strawberry jam. But: which goes on first? the cream or the jam?

This was the challenge facing me when Vee and I recently went to a new local cafe for lunch and I finished my meal with a cream tea.

Increasingly these days, the answer to any question is: “Google it”.  This is the answer.

One Comment

  • Janet

    Apart from the fact that my husband was brought up in Devon, it has always seemed logical to me to put the cream on the scone first as with its high fat content, clotted cream is the butter replacement.
    In the last year, British Airways have started serving cream teas for the tea time snack on transatlantic flights (at least on the westbound leg)in economy as well as business. It is quite amusing to see the reaction of some Americans who have not encountered clotted cream before. Most of them see the crusty top and assume the cream has gone “off” so either leave it or call the cabin crew. I’ve seen one guy being a bit braver and stirring it in – but of course this made the cream go runny and fall off the scone!


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