The question of Iraq

I’ve hardly blogged on Iraq since the US/UK invasion three years ago. This is partly because I feel let down by Blair and Bush over my initial (reluctant) support for the occupation and it is partly because the current situation in Iraq seems so intractable. However, I spent a couple of hours at the House of Commons today with Gary Kent, Director of Labour Friends of Iraq, and I’ve decided that it’s time I ventured some views.
So, over the next few weeks, I’ll offer some observations and ideas on this blog. Meanwhile I want to draw attention to the little-reported fact that there is a trade union movement in Iraq that is struggling to bring about fairness at work and a non-sectarian approach to the country’s problems. It is is led by the Iraqi Federation of Trade Unions.


  • Paul Hullock

    We need to talk about Iraq and the whole set of questions and problems that emerge from it.confusing and perplexing as they may be they are the key to a great many of the worlds problems/future.

  • Richard Leyton

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Roger. It’s a subject I’ve stayed away from recently, mainly because I’m finding it difficult to articulate my thoughts. Whilst I opposed the war (you may recall when we met I’d just been on the anti-war march in London), I now worry it’s very easy to criticise, but much more difficult to think about constructive ways forward, out of the quagmire.
    That said, this is an opportune time to express yourself, with the US elections next month look like they’re going to be dominated by this subject, and there’s a distinct sense of ‘rethink’ going on at the highest levels.