My 14th short story

I’ve just published a new short story on my web site. It’s utterly different from all the others I’ve written.
I hope that you’ll give it a read and let me know what you think.
It’s called “Letters From Above”.


  • David Barry

    An intriguing story – not sure that I have worked out what it “means” but the imagery powerful.

  • Roger Darlington

    It’s really for the reader to work out what it means for him or her, but I’m using the symbols as a device to examine how humankind reacts to things it does not understand and to the views of others on such matters.

  • Georgeanne Lamont

    ‘Letters from above’ is incredibly original and clever. I like it. Very thought provoking. Will re read.
    Not sure about last line though which seems too much of a clarion call to the secularists.

  • Roger Darlington

    On your suggestion, Georgeanne, I’ve deleted the sentence you mentioned.

  • David Monkman

    ‘Letters from Above’ appears to carry a message almost in the form of a parable.
    It asks a lot of questions of the reader by making the point that any phenomenon that is beyond the understanding of the observer can be transmuted into religion, pseudo science, astrology or indeed anything that humans can imagine.
    As such it’s quite a challenging and thought provoking piece.

  • Jen Crokaert

    Very interesting story… made me think how interesting that simply the word (not the letters!) had survived from a few phrophets over millennia… incredible.

    It was a clever concept and showed so much of society in it. I thought it would make a great film script or a longer story so that the people behind the ‘cliche’s could become real, so that their positions were given a deeper context. I thought that would help us bond better with a person rather than a group that we abstractly ‘meet’.

    I wondered about ‘one’ in the first paragraph… ‘they’ may make it more personable… Also the sentence, ‘Those who looked down on…’ that seemd to me to be a judgement and there were no other judgements in the story – just reportage, so to speak. I may be wrong on that point, but it’s worth a thought as this jarred when I read it and was the only one that did.

    Great story, very deep and original and can’t wait to read the long version 🙂

  • Roger Darlington

    You make some good points, Jen, and I’ve amended the two sentences that you highlighted. Thanks for your constructive comments.


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