The poor of America

If I’d read it in the English-language “Iran News” which I studied on my recent trip to that country, I might have thought that it was propaganda from a fiercely anti-American regime, but the story was in the British “Guardian” and the statistics are taken from an official US Government survey.
One-sixth of the US population was found to be unable to afford enough food to stay healthy at some point last year. More than a million children regularly go to bed hungry in America.
This is the situation in the richest country on earth. This is the price of unregulated capitalism.

One Comment

  • alex

    Go to bed hungry? I still don’t believe it. Maybe partially because that the money has been spent on single mother’s drinks/cigarettes? (Or single father, or irresponsible parents)
    They should not only find the phenomena but also the reasons around it, not the far away reason of economic downturn…


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