Another visit to beautiful Prague

In the late 1980s, Vee (whose father was a Czech pilot in the war) re-established contact with her family – the Kuttelwaschers – in what was then Czechoslovakia and, about the same time, we first met the Czech doctor Pavel whose wife and children – the Horvaths – became as close as family to us.

Since then, we have visited what is now the Czech Republic about once a year. We are ┬átravelling to Prague for a long weekend on what is my 25th trip and is Vee’s 23rd. The impetus for this particular visit is to see the newest member of the Horvath family who was born since our last trip about a year and a half ago. Little one year old Pavlik is the son of our dear friend Vojta (son of the original Pavel) and his lovely wife Kaca.


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