The 10 greatest movie moments

In the August issue of “Empire” magazines, it ventures to identify the 1001 greatest movie moments.
The top ten are:

  1. The crop-duster attack in “North By Northwest”
  2. The bicycle crossing the moon in “ET: The Extra-Terrestrial”
  3. The “Bond, James Bond” introduction in “Dr No”
  4. Gandalf shouting “You shall not pass” in “The Fellowship Of The Ring”
  5. The spinning bone sequence early on in “2001: A Space Odyssey”
  6. The “I love the smell of napalm in the morning” scene in “Apocalypse Now”
  7. The arrival of Sherif Ali in “Lawrence Of Arabia”
  8. The “I coulda been a contender” sequence in “The Waterfront”
  9. The chariot race in “Ben-Hur”
  10. The “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore” comment in “The Wizard Of Oz”

What would be your best movie moment?


  • Michel Savard

    The “Does your dog bite?…It’s not my dog” Peter Sellers (Inspector Clouseau) quote in one of the Pink Panther movies.

  • Paul Britland

    Harry Limes first appearance – “The Third Man”
    My name is Maximus… – “Gladiator”
    Almost any Peter Sellers moment
    or worst movie moment – when the Hitler youth singer ‘Tomorrow belongs to me’ puts on his hat and gives that salute & old man’s look of disbelieving despair in the same scene
    – “Cabaret”

  • Russ

    Hey Roger, I really liked the intro voice over for “No Country for Old Men”. Very atmospheric!

  • Janet

    Michael beat me to suggesting the Inspector Clouseau dog scene, but like him I think comedic moments are maybe greater because dramatic moments are easier to remember.
    Two of my favourites are (i) the scene at the end of one of the “Naked Gun” films where the “baddie” is thrown out of the hotel window, has his fall broken, so dusts himself off, looking smug, only to be eaten by a lion. Surreal and splendid! (ii) In “Pirates of the Caribbean” the arrival of Jack Sparrow by stepping onto the quay from the mast of his sinking ship.


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