What does “Jai Ho” mean?

A few weeks ago, I thoroughly enjoyed viewing the feel-good movie “Slumdog Millionaire” [see my review here] and my wife surprised me on Valentine’s Day by giving me the soundtrack CD of the movie.
The final song is called “Jai Ho” and is played during an exuberant dance sequence at the end of the film and in fact on Sunday it won the Academy Award for Best Song. You can listen to a sound clip of the song here and see the text of the lyrics here.
But what does “Jai Ho” mean (I’ve seen various suggestions) and what is the song all about? Can a Hindi-speaking reader of NightHawk illuminate us?


  • Anonymous

    I am glad i know what it means now, however some of you have very sick minds and need to be seen by a doctor !!!!!!!!!!!! Class flm

  • luddacris

    Jai Ho: jai = she is a
    Ho = Hoe therefore translates too “she’s a hoe” hope that clears all the confusion.

  • A-Unit

    Jai Ho actually means your mum…so i don’t know where the rest of you got your definitions

  • junmark

    jai ho for me…. it means may victory be yours

  • Ashleigh

    does anybody know what the hindi translation is for the word “strength”?

  • Marketer

    Check out the video? Could they really be saying iPhone? Think.

  • Abs

    Jai ho means may you be dead and die a painful death

  • ULM

    I am Indian and I speak Hindi – Jai Ho is Hindi or Sanskrit (where all Indian languages are derived from) and it means May you have Victory or May you have Greatness. Trust me you do not want to go with the pussycat dolls version. And by the way if you get a chance watch the “So you think you can Dance”(on FOX) version of it – AWESOME!!

  • Mark Ho

    Don’t listen to the last comments, they’re all wrong. It means:
    Jai = Film
    Ho = Crap
    (of course in India adjectives are placed after the object/noun)
    Not quite sure maybe he’s saying Slumdog Millionaire was a bit overrated.

  • जयहो.com

    “Jai Ho” literally means “Victory be” – there is no yours or mine. My name “जयहो.com” is the IDN for jaiho in Hindi.

  • karishma patel

    i am an inidan and i know what it means jai ho is a victory that india winners and london loser hahaha english peopes loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • steve hernandez

    i thought it was jai horse..

  • Vijay

    ‘jai ho’ means ‘let there be victory’.. or ‘victory be’ if translated word by word. and as in my name ‘Vijay’ means victory always, so it can also be ‘vi-jai ho’

  • elliie

    “Jai Ho” means victory, in any case. Something that helps you and most likely is your “destiny”. Also something like “Go you!”. Aka excitement and you can use it to congratulate, compliment, bless and make other people feel good.

  • J2

    actually someone already said this but a few hours ago my teacher asked my classm8 what’s the meaning of jaiho then my classm8 said “you are my destiny mam!” haha but he actually said his name so… That’s what I know about the meaning of Jaiho…
    Hope this helps…

  • SK

    jai ho means victory

  • Marly

    So what?
    It means like orgasm?
    :L cos it’s kind of victory.. in a sex way

  • vinitha

    pls cn i get whole meaning of The Pussycat Dolls Ft A R Rahman – Jai Ho You Are My Destiny Lyrics pls i need it pls help
    i wan on friday pls

  • Ahmed

    Jai ho = May you be victorious!
    its hindi not spanish.
    and it standz at dat.

  • Indian

    JAI HO has nothing to do “destiny”. In Hindi it’s meaning is “Victory be”. If you say George KI JAI HO, it means “George be victorious”.
    And JAI HO is not used in daily conversations. It is usually used when a person or group cheering another person or country. JAI HO is not used to greet people. If you want to greet people, you say NAMASTE.
    So all in all.
    JAI HO = Be victorious or victory be.
    NAMASTE = Hello.
    P.S. – Some people who commented here needs to see their psychiatrist as soon as possible.

  • sundas

    cumon ppl get real jai ho Means victory and now all of you grow up!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Janie

    Jai Ho is the best song I’ve heard in years, really. And Slumdog Millionaire is a great movie. The two together… what genius people come up with these ideas?

  • Anonymous

    OMMMGG there so many meanings you post there
    Now give me the final meaning what does Jai ho mean LOL
    P.S.. I really enjoyed the what you all wrote

  • Achintya

    Jai ho simply meams let der b victory,,i think if the movie name gets chngd to jai ho’ it cud hv get more for it.

  • Audrey

    I will go with the Hindi’s definition from the Indians, that Jai Ho means May the Victory be Yours…

    But then again, I’m Chinese. 🙂

  • B Singh

    No doubt victory, but it also means to be accepted. Jay shri Ram means Shri Ram accept us.


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