How so many managers are killing the English language with their annoying jargon

I’ve spent a lot of my work life listening to managers sprouting the latest management jargon to sound clever and corporate.  As I wait to enter yet another such meeting, I’m sipping a cappuccino in a “Costa” cafe and browsing the “Guardian” newspaper.

In the paper, there’s a delightful feature about the use of of office jargon. It gives a total of 26 example and I reckon that I’ve come across 20 of them (somehow I’ve missed the likes of “brain shower” and “zero cycles”). Currently the one that makes me maddest is “going forward” which is utterly meaningless. How can anyone stay in the present or move to the past? They can’t – so just use the future tense.

You can check out the feature here. What is your most annoying bit of jargon?


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