Get a letter from Santa

As it’s the festive season, I thought I’d tell you about BT’s letter-to-Santa initiative. As part of the company’s partnership with ChildLine, for a suggested donation of £5.00 to the charity you can order a personalised letter from Santa to be sent to the child or children of your choice. We’ve arranged for two young relatives to receive such letters.
BT is aiming to raise at least £10,000 for ChildLine through this scheme and they’re up to £7,000 to date. So if you want to make a child happy and help BT raise more, simply fill in the application form which can be found at here. Please note letters can be sent to the UK, Channel Islands, Republic of Ireland and BFPO addresses only and all orders must be received by 16 December.


  • Nick

    How terrible that ChildLine wish to profit from the systematic deception of young children that is the Santa myth. You’d think a children’s charity would value the maintenance of trust between children and adults; instead, they are actively working to undermine it.

  • Roger Darlington

    Humbug, Nick! There really is no harm in children enjoying a sense of magic.


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