Another lovely day with my granddaughter Catrin

Every few months, I like to see my young friend Jen with her son James who is almost exactly the same age as my granddaughter Catrin (they are both just over two and a half). This week, I wanted Catrin to join us and her parents allowed me to keep her out of nursery for the day.

I was at my son’s flat at 9 am so that he could go off to work (my daughter-in-law had already left), so Catrin & I played for a while – including her game where she climbs up me – before taking the London Underground to meet Jen & James at 10.30 am. The London Underground is the oldest in the world and has so many steps and escalators that it is not the friendliest public transport system for those with a young child or a disability, but people were always on hand to help.

We all met at the entrance to the Science Museum and began with refreshments in one of the cafes. Then we spent lots of time in the a basement section of the museum called The Garden which has all sorts  of interactive play for children aged 3-6. The most popular feature is a water area which Catrin & James loved.

Next we strolled over the road to the Victoria & Albert Museum. The museum has a huge central courtyard with a large pool in which children can paddle and splash. Catrin & James got totally soaked before being changed for lunch in the open air of the courtyard.

Finally we crossed Exhibition Road again to visit the forecourt of the Natural History Museum. Here we found an ice cream van, so that we could all indulge in an ice cream cornet with chocolate flake. This was especially welcome because it was such a pleasantly warm summer day.

Catrin & James loved being together: they held hands, touched faces, shared food, laughed and shrieked, and were so well-behaved – as my grandma would have put it “as good as gold”. James does not have a midday sleep these days, but Catrin does at nursery. On this occasion, however, she was far too excited to sleep – until we left Jen & James about 4 pm and boarded an Underground train. Then she was out like a light and did not resurface for an amazing two and a half hours. Obviously all this excitement is tiring.

Rich & Emily were home around 7 pm so I left Catrin with them after we had spent a really lovely 10 hours together.  At night, I slept like a log.

James & Catrin don waterproof jackets
for the wet part of the Science Museum kids section

Angelic Catrin looks skywards
before giving her Hippo a ride

Catrin has a splashing time
at the Victoria & Albert Museum

One Comment

  • Nadine Wiseman

    Hello Roger

    Thanks for the report and lovely photos of your day with Catrin. I remember being at the V & A on a hot Summer’s day and seeing the children playing in the courtyard pool, and thinking how wonderful that it was allowed.



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