TalkTalk still letting down its customers (2)

Twenty four hours after I did a posting on my e-mail problem with TalkTalk, I have heard nothing more from the company – but the issue is now resolved.

This afternoon, Vee’s nephew Martin came round for tea with his wife and children. Although he works in IT, I didn’t want to bother him with my problem, partly because it was a social occasion and partly because I was convinced that the matter could only be sorted out by TalkTak. But my wife Vee has seen how stressed i have been by the matter and mentioned it to her nephew.

Martin offered to look at it. He resolved it – not in hours, not in minutes, but in seconds. He simply went on to the web version of my e-mail service (which I never use)  and immediately discovered that my mail quota was 100%. He made some deletions and the problem was sorted.

As with so many IT issues, the matter was simple if you knew what you were doing. Martin did; TalkTalk has no idea.

So a million thanks to Martin. And I’m going to wait and see how long it takes TalkTalk to get back to me and see what they say …

Update (14/4/13:

Thirty six hours after referring my problem to the network team, TalkTalk texted me to advise that testing had not found a network fault and could I advise them if the issue was now fixed. Well, yes – but no thanks to TalkTalk. Nobody in the company thought to check my mail quota.


  • Oskar van Rijswijk

    I understand your stress – and see this story as a lesson.

    You might consider to change your email habits. Do not use your mailserver as an archive, but send the stuff to remember to Evernote.

  • Alex

    Great news. Thanks to Martin.

    But now, Roger has a big job of surfing in mail box and delete as many as possible not-so-useful emails….to make more room, esp those emails with attachement, with pictures etc.

    Good luck.

    Sunny Day!


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