The life and language of baby Catrin

My wonderful granddaughter Catrin is now 21 months. As regular readers will know, I try to see her each week and this week I babysat one evening. She went from a morning at nursery to an afternoon with her Canadian grandpa visiting from Montreal to an evening with me without any problem at all. She is such a good girl.

Now that it’s Autumn, the leaves are falling and she loved kicking her way through the brown leaves.

“Are all these leaves for me?”

As well as getting taller and more assertive, her language is developing by leaps and bounds. She can repeat almost any word put to her. I dont hear all her language but the words I have caught include: “Mummy. Daddy. Granddad. Me. Eat. More. Noodles. Apple. ‘nana. Yes. No. Up. Down. Nursery. Buggy. Walk. Key. Bubbles. ‘paste. Elmo. Bye. Night – night” plus animal and colour names and the low numbers. And she understands everything.

Footnote: her Canadian grandpa is very proud of all the great things that have come out of Canada – including my daughter-in-law – and insisted that I should mention on my blog that one Canadian invention is the IMAX film format [more information here].



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