Day Two with baby Catrin

I was awake several times in the night, wondering why I hadn’t heard Catrin – but it was because she was still asleep. In the end, she slept straight through without waking all the way to 7.30 am. Is this the perfect baby, or what?

Once we were both up, I gave her another banana. Later I changed her nappy and dressed her for the day in a top announcing “Mommy rocks” (true) and multicoloured leggings. Then I presented her Christmas present one month early (she will actually be with another set of grandparents in Montreal for the festivities): a large box of Lego duplo items. Next I served her breakfast: cereal with milk and more blueberries.

Vee and I took turns looking after Catrin while we each in turn had our own breakfast and got washed and dressed. It was time for another nappy change and this one was another incredibly smelly and sticky one (how long does it take for sweetcorn to work its way through?). Then she slept for about three-quarters of an hour. When she was awake, she had her lunch: a different main course and a different dessert.

At this point, the three of us went down to the local Anglican church for the Christmas fair. On the way there, at the church, and on the way back, we met no fewer than six neighbours, all of whim declared that Catrin was gorgeous (such good taste our local community). Catrin herself had no interest in the cooing neighbours but she gurgled loudly when she came face to face with Kitty the cat and Charlie the dog.

At the fair, we bought Catrin a hand-knitted scarecrow character and a baby’s book with flashing lights (I never had that as a kid). Vee and I each had a glass of mulled wine which went straight to our head and Catrin had to help us home. Back at the house, she ate a lemon muffin that we purchased at the fair and still more blueberries. While she slept for about an hour and half, we had our lunch. When she woke, she finished off the last of the blueberries.

We played and played. Then it was time for the last supper – still a different main course and still a different dessert – and one last nappy change, so that she was fed and clean for the arrival of her a parents about 5 pm. When they all left at 5.45 pm, the house seemed suddenly empty. Throughout her 29 hours with us, Catrin had been so good-natured and playful. As my grandmother used to say of me, she was “as good as gold”.

Footnote: Just heard from Catrin’s dad. It’s official – she’s now a blueberry.



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