Day One with baby Catrin

As I explained in a posting four weeks ago, my son Richard and daughter-in-law Emily wished to leave their daughter Catrin with us overnight so that they could go away and celebrate Emily’s birthday. A month ago was the trial run as I stayed with them overnight and took responsibility for Catrin. It worked out fine and this weekend is the real thing.

So, about 12.30 pm today, Richard and Emily arrived with Catrin – now 10 months old – and enough baby food and baby clothes and other baby bits to last us weeks (I hope that they are coming back tomorrow and it’s not just a ploy). At 1 pm, they were off to a health spa to enjoy a couple of days break and Vee and I took over the little one.

Catrin learned to crawl last week and she is now a really fast mover and an adventurous explorer, so we have had to redesign our house for the weekend. We¬†started with lunch and then I changed the smelliest and stickiest nappy of my experience since she was born. I think the output had something to do with her devouring of corn on the cob in “Nando’s” yesterday, but perhaps Catrin wanted to give me an early test.

I then took her to our nearest park where she absolutely loved being on the  swings.

“I love this swing, granddad”

On the way back, she ate a whole banana – a fruit she enjoys both for the taste and the ability to feed herself. Back at the house, she was ready for a sleep and went down for about three-quarters of an hour.

Once awake, it was tea time. As well as main course and dessert, she kept eating more and more blueberries for which she is crazy. It’s possible that her parents will not be collecting a little baby but a large blueberry tomorrow. All afternoon, we played a lot. I had bought her a new toy: nine “jungle wonder cubes” from the Early Learning Centre. These are supposed to be used to build coloured towers but Catrin thinks it thrilling to knock down any tower I create just as fast as she can.

Finally it was bath time – she loves the water – followed by more more gentle play and yet more blueberries. She went down about 8.45 pm and, when Richard called around 9 pm to check on her, I was able to assure him that the little darling was fast asleep. Wonder how long that will last ….


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