How to Net a mate

“Paul is in his late 30s and has recently come out of a painful divorce. The idea of dating again was, in many respects, an uncomfortable one. He recognised that he had a fair bit of emotional baggage and that meeting someone who understood him and shared his interests was not going to be easy.
He joined an Internet agency and eventually struck up an on-line friendship with a woman living at the other end of the country whom he who would never have met in the physical world. They got to know each other well through the Internet and phone calls before actually meeting and they now live together at what was her place.”

This is a quote from one of my monthly Internet columns which I wrote four years ago. This week, I had lunch with Paul (not his real name) and his relationship is still going strong.
I suspect that more than ever people are making new friends and even meeting new partners by initially making contact on-line. Has this happened to you?


  • Janet

    Yes,we have become friends with a couple on the Isle of Man, originally via the internet, whose enthusiasm for their country of residence inspired us to visit the island (and walk round it!). We have been there twice now and would not have thought of going at all had it not been for them. The first friends we made on the internet, almost exactly 6 years ago, were a German couple from Frankfurt and we’re going over to celebrate her birthday next week!

  • mavis

    Odd that you chose to write this piece now.
    I am just in the process of finishing a fish pie for four people who are coming this weekend. We met on the internet due to PMR. It should be very interesting.
    All women and all sound feisty.