Happy birthday to me

Today is my birthday. I’m 59 – so next year is the big six-oh. However, I don’t feel my age and I like to think that I’m wearing quite well.
So, how will I spend my birthday? In fact, it’s a working day (and evening). In my capacity as member of the Council of the consumer watchdog Postwatch, I’ll be all day at a conference on postal services. Then, in the evening, I have to represent the organisation at a meeting protesting about a local Crown post office being franchised to W H Smith.
We will mark my birthday on Saturday when we will have around 50 family and friends round for a triple celebration – the other events to be noted being Vee’s retirement (actually 30 March) and our 25th wedding anniversary (actually 19 March). Let’s hope the rain stops ….


  • Harry Barnes

    Happy all three celebrations.

  • mavis

    Triple Celebration – enjoy – whatever the weather.

  • Dana Huff

    Happy Birthday, Roger!

  • tony mitchell

    happy birthday roger and love to vee. i’ve just watched your family’s aviation past on uk history with amazement and the bus trip from sucre to la paz has come flooding back. bestest tony

  • john

    Happy birthday Roger – and enjoy Saturday even if today isn’t so much fun!

  • Roger Darlington

    Thanks to everyone for the birthday greetings. If you want to know what Tony is referring to when he mentions the journey from Sucre to La Paz in Bolivia – the most challenging journey I’ve ever experienced – you can check it out here.

  • alex

    happy birthday!
    also, the saturday weather might NOT be so encouraging!
    but, let Vee be assured, we love you and her no matter how the weather will be. We will be there on time and I am sure many of the friends will be there, indoors? at least!
    lots of love.