Baby Catrin: progress report (7)

Today I babysat my granddaughter Catrin for the second time in her 10-week life. I was with her for five hours and, while her parents were working, alone with her for three hours .  I took her out in her pram and walked along London’s South Bank, stopping for me to have a coffee at the Royal Festival Hall.

Although she is not yet three months, she can only just fit in clothes for three-six months and now weighs 14 lb. She is already smiling and, though I’m no expert on baby matters these days, I think that’s pretty advanced. I may be biased but I think she’s a Super Baby.

We had great fun together and she smiled a lot at me which melted my heart. When I tried to photograph her smiling though, it didn’t work. The iPhone comes between us and I think that she is responding to her granddad’s smile. But here are a couple of photos from today …


  • Elizabeth

    Your Catrin is just beautiful and wonderful to hear that Grandfather Darlington is so thrilled to babysit & enjoy time with his very special little lady.

  • Roger Darlington

    Thanks, Elizabeth.

    Being with Catrin is even more fun that attending a Consumer Focus Board meeting which I also did this week. I hope that you’re enjoying life after Consumer Focus.

  • Dana Huff

    She is the cutest!


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