500 days to the London Olympics

It is now exactly 500 days until the 2012 Olympic Games open in my city of London. A countdown clock has been installed in Trafalgar Square and tickets have now gone on sale here.

To be honest, I’m an atypical man and not really interested in sport. But I’m exited about the Olympics because it is the largest event on earth and will bring to my city people from every corner of the globe. That’s why I’ve volunteered to be a London Ambassador.


  • Janet

    Have you applied for any tickets, Roger?
    I was quite excited when London was awarded the games and looked forward to watching one or more events “for real”. Now tickets are actually on sale, I’m less enthused, feeling that sailing is the only sport in which I am sufficiently interested to want to watch, but this is best seen on television rather than in person!

  • Roger Darlington

    No. I’ve not applied for tickets, Janet. I might watch a bit on television – but I really want to enjoy the atmosphere of so many more people in London from all corners of the globe.


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