Now we have snow too

Here in London, we often have winters with no snow at all. When we do have snow, it is in January or February. But it’s the last day of November and now, like most of Britain, we have snow.

At least the snow waited until the conclusion yesterday of the fourth tube strike in as many months. That really would have been a tough combination for London commuters to tackle.

One Comment

  • Mavis

    Roger, at least you waited till the 30th November. It has been solid up here since 17th and we are managing as usual.

    No, the village has not been cut off, the gritter comes in ahead of the first bus, as the trick is to immediately mix up the grit and snow, and hey presto slush and clear tracks. So bus route open, cars out and ‘goods ‘for the village shop in. Last bus – cut off time depends on how heavy the fall, some days, like today 5pm,yesterday 7pm. So village pub benefiting. As last bus is usually 11pm.

    Our view is out of this world and I am so glad I am an OAP.


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