A stately home and a stately lord

It was an interesting day for Vee and me as we visited a new location and an old friend.

The new location was Osterley Park and House on the outskirts of west London. The park and the house are owned and managed by the National Trust and both are very well maintained. Osterley House is an original redbrick Tudor home, transformed and remodelled by Robert Adam between 1760-1780 for a wealthy banking family, the Childs. In each room, we found a volunteer with immense knowledge of the room’s contents and purpose and the whole history of the house.

The old friend was Tony Young aka Lord Young of Norwood Green. Tony has been a friend for over 30 years and he was my boss as General Secretary of the National Communications Union and the Joint General Secretary of the Communication Workers Union. Before the recent General Election, he was a Minister in the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills and he is now an Opposition spokesperson in the House of Lords.

So a day of history and politics.


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