I came, I saw, iPad

A few weeks ago, I did a posting about my first experience with the iPad and said that I would treat myself to one as a birthday present to me. Well, today is my birthday and I’ve just unpacked and activated my very own iPad.  It synchronised with the contents of my iPhone, so I’m off.  Oh, joy!


  • Oskar van Rijswijk


    Happy birthday!

    You will not regret this.

    I used the iPad some weeks now.
    From this experience I van recommend this extra software (Apps):

    Twittelator Pro
    Read It Later (digest)

  • Oskar van Rijswijk


    I noted Evernote twice, because it is THE app to use. Your digital memory, archive and more….

    PressReader is best combined with a subscription to PressDisplay. You can download REAL newspapers and choose from 1500+ … yes: also The Guardian.

    Not Need-to-havem but Nice-to-have are:

    Google Mobile apps
    Google Earth
    Free Books
    BBC News
    The Guardian Eyewitness
    IMDb Movies

    and if you like the game:

    t Chess Pro


  • Roger Darlington

    Many thanks for these tips, Oskar.

    I’m going to have fun!

  • Philip

    I’m waiting till they bring out a smaller version with a phone function.

  • Mavis

    Happy Birthday and I love it that you buy yourself a present. ‘Cos I do to.

    What is it with Boys and Toys?

  • Roger Darlington


    There already is a smaller version with a phone function – it’s called an iPhone!


    The iPad is not a toy – it’s an advanced instrument of knowledge and communication!

  • Marek

    With Apple products it’s best to wait until the the next gen is released that will have resolved the initial problems and issues. iPad 2 will be better – camera, decent screen etc. However I can’t see the need for the iPad if you have an iPhone. Money to burn perhaps !

    You should also upgrade to iPhone 4 if your contract is up.



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