A review of the 2020 film “Let Him Go”

I’d never heard of this movie until I can across it on Netflix. I guess its misfortune was to be released during the covid pandemic so I doubt that many people saw it at the cinema. Truth be told, I’m not sure that I would have bothered to see it a theatre but it is certainly worth viewing on television. It was written and directed by Thomas Bezucha and based on a novel of the same name. The period is 1963 and unusually the locations are Montana and North Dakota (although it was actually shot in Alberta, Canada).

The plot is a simple one – two grandparents seek to recover their grandson from a an abusive situation – but the very different grandparents are interesting characters. George (played by Kevin Costner) is a retired sheriff, quiet, laconic, clear-sighted. Margaret (Diane Lane) is his wife, an accomplished horse trainer, idealistic, determined, unswerving. Both give fine performances with Lane especially impressive. The casting of British actress Lesley Manville as the matriarch of the rival family is surprising but successful.

Be aware though that this film is a slow burner as it only gradually builds up the tension. But, when the pace does quicken, you’ll feel that it was worth going along for the ride.


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