Nine things to understand about the Internet

It’s hard to believe but it’s only 17 years since the web went mainstream and yet today about 1.8 billion people use the Internet every day.

I was a relatively late user of the Net, starting only in 1998 as I’ve explained here. But now I’m a massive user with a long-standing web site and two blogs.

In this weekend’s “Observer”, John Naughton set out nine points to aid an understanding of what is happening on and to the Net.

One Comment

  • Mavis

    One – thank you for the change in the Nighthawk bit – much easier for these old eyes.

    Two. Roger that was a surprise to me, I retired in 1998 and had been using the web at work since 1994.

    When I retired my employer, who was updating all the existing computer equipment, very kindly gave me my computer. First thing I did, was ‘get connected. Have not improved technique much since, but have upgraded a few times.


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