The latest tragedy to hit the wonderful country of Ethiopia

“… for the tourist who wants something different and is prepared for some challenges, Ethiopia is a great destination. The exotic names of places we visited were themselves magical: Addis Ababa, Axum, Lalibela … But the history was so rich and fascinating, whether it was the skeleton of Lucy, the stelae of Axum, the rock churches of Lalibela, or the castles of Gondar and the terrain was awesome whether it was the mountains of the Simien National Park or the waters of Lake Tana. In fact, four of the locations we viewed are World Heritage Sites.”

“Although … this was probably the most challenging holiday of our lives, we loved it and were inspired by it. We feel sure that Ethiopia has a real future as a tourist destination for the discerning traveller and we were delighted that we had visited before it becomes popular.”

These are extracts from my account of a trip to Ethiopia in February 2015. Now the country is racked by civil war and the capital may be about to fall to anti-government forces. Today the British Government has told all British citizens to leave the country immediately. My heart bleeds for the people of Ethiopia who have suffered so much and for whom the suffering continues.


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