It’s exactly 50 years since I moved from Manchester to London

On Sunday 31 October 1971, I moved from Manchester – where I was brought up and went to school and university – to London – where I had a job as Accommodation Officer at what was then the Polytechnic of North London.

I only held that post for around six months and then followed a three-part career as a Political Adviser in Westminster and Whitehall (6 years), a national trade union official with what is now the Communication Workers Union (24 years), and then a consumer advocate with a variety of organisations in regulated sectors (17 years).

In the 50 years that I’ve now been in London, I’ve had seven homes, two wives and one son and – so far – survived a global pandemic. For the last two and a half years, I’ve lived on the South Bank and really come to know the city very well. I hope that I have a few more years to enjoy it.

Click on the links for my short notes on Manchester and London.



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