Binge-watching the BBC series “Vigil”

I spent the evenings this weekend binge-watching the six hour-long episodes of the BBC television series “Vigil“, a murder mystery set substantially on a nuclear-powered and nuclear-armed submarine of Britain’s Royal Navy – an original and inventive plot device. I really enjoyed it and, if you did too, you might like to read this analysis of the finale from the “Guardian”.

The series has had its critics.

People say that a Vanguard-class submarine does not look like the boat depicted in the programme. Personally I’ve never been on a nuclear submarine, so I wouldn’t know. In any event, if the filming crews needed a bit more room and more visual impact for shooting the scenes aboard the vessel, I think that’s acceptable artistic licence.

Others insist that the plot was implausible and it did not reflect real life. Honestly, fiction television would be very boring if everything had to be totally plausible and reflect real life. The regular plot twists made the six episodes compulsive viewing.

I found the series entertaining and credible enough that, if offered a `tour of duty on a Vanguard submarine, I would politely decline.


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