Thank you and farewell “Madam Secretary”

I suppose all good things have to come to an end and I’ve just watched the last episode of the American television series “Madam Secretary”. The series began in 2014 and seasons 1-5 each had between 20-23 episodes. The sixth and last season has concluded with just 10 episodes, making 120 episodes in all. I’ve seen them all.

OK, this political drama was not as good as “The West Wing”, but nothing has been as good as “The West Wing” – the best television ever in my view. However, “Madam Secretary” did a good job in – as did “The West Wing” – showing politics as a power for good and representing lots of stories taken from real life.

Tea Leoni was the Secretary of State for 110 episodes and President for 10, As President, she survived impeachment and her final act in the series was to revive the Equal Rights Amendment. I enjoyed the series and will miss it. Now my need for a regular fix of American politics will rest solely on “The Daily Show” with Trevor Noah.


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