Why aren’t more consumers engaging with the broadband market?

Recently the consumer organisation Which? published new research – gathering an in-depth understanding of why consumers aren’t engaging in the broadband market. 

This behavioural research identifies six key barriers to engagement among disengaged consumers:

  1. Consumers have low confidence in assessing what they need and identifying a suitable package
  2. Consumers are confused about how pricing works in the broadband market
  3. There is a lack of effective communication about current and alternative packages
  4. Consumers believe their service is ‘fine’. This is despite many experiencing problems or paying a relatively high price for their package. 
  5. Consumers aren’t willing to risk changing provider as they worry that it may result in a worse broadband service
  6. Consumers believe that making changes to their contract may result in unexpected add-on costs.

You can read more of the insights uncovered in the full report written in partnership with BritainThinks here.


  • Janet

    Another factor must surely be that people are suffering “choice fatigue”. There is so much pressure these days to change utilities, insurance etc on a regular basis that anything else, especially something that requires even more research due to some of the factors listed is likely to be quietly ignored.

  • Roger Darlington

    That’s true, Janet. One can have too much choice …


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