What’s in a name? Depends whether you’re called Craig and Gemma or Jaxon and Aria.

“It could be curtains for Craig. One of the most popular boys’ names of the postwar era is facing oblivion if current trends continue, as the speed with which parents tire of old names and rally around new ones appears to be accelerating.

Lee, Ross and Shaun are on their way out too, according to analysis of changes in baby names between 1996 and 2017, the latest year for which official data is available for England and Wales. The writing is also on the wall for Jodie and Gemma, with only 20 of each named in 2017 compared with well over 1,000 each in 1996.”

These are the opening paragraphs of an interesting article which appeared this week in the “Guardian” newspaper. If you’re interested in the choices of names in Britain and around the world, you’ll find a comprehensive analysis on my web site.


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