The welcome return of the American television series “Madam Secretary”

I’m a bit of a political junkie and I love political dramas in the movies or on television. “The West Wing” was my all-time favourite TV series – I watched all 155 episodes as they were broadcast and every episode again when it was out in a box set.

So, ever since it began on British television,  I’ve been watching a series called “Madam Secretary” about a female Secretary of State played by Téa Leoni. It’s not “The West Wing” but it’s the next best thing currently on our small screens.  It may be somewhat formulaic and simplistic but this is part of the price of being entertaining. Certainly it deals with real political issues and approaches them in an enlightened and liberal fashion – something we dearly need in today’s American administration.

I’ve just watched the first episode in the new series – the fifth – which, on British television, is screened on the Sky Witness channel. It has an explosive opening, guest appearances from three former Secretaries of State, and a short speech about the dangers of nationalism that could never have come from Donald Trump.


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