Bond back big-time

The “Times” reports that, on its opening weekend, the latest James Bond film “Casino Royale” [my review here] took a record £13M. It is the most successful opening weekend of any Bond film with takings 40% ahead of “Die Another Day” [my review here] .
I read every Bond book as a teenager and I’ve seen every 007 film as it has been released. I loved “Casino Royale” – but my all-time favourite remains “From Russia With Love” [my review here] .


  • Sharon

    Roger, you may be pleased to know that we actually went to see CR at the cinema last night. In fact we went to Leicester Square Odeon and has lovely royal circle seats, which made the whole experience more bearable!!
    I *loved* CR, how amazing was the free-running? Wow! When it was announced that Daniel Craig was the next Bond, I was disappointed until I saw Layer Cake and then I realised why he had been chosen. Fantastic film, I can’t wait to see it again.

  • Roger Darlington

    And I have already seen it again, Sharon. While I was in Paris this weekend with my sister, we went along. Silvia thought that Daniel Craig was fit!