A review of the new comedy film “Going In Style”

There are very few films that feature older characters in main roles so I suppose we should commend “Going In Style” for making the effort. Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Alan Arkin are all hitting or into their 80s and the three of them are very talented actors who are hardly stretched in this remake of a 1979 heist caper. It’s a comedy but with jokes that are too few and too lame and a narrative that is too predictable and lacking in any edge, but it’s entertaining enough if expectations are not too elevated and at least it only runs to 96 minutes.

I confess that I would never have gone to the cinema to see this movie but, when visiting a good friend in a major London hospital, I found that it was showing to patients and visitors courtesy of a British scheme called Medicinema – slogan ‘Feel better with film’ – that makes works available at the same time as their theatre release. So maybe not such a bad choice for this particular audience.


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