A review of the Italian novel “Those Who Leave And Those Who Stay”

My summer reading project – which has extended into the Autumn – is to read the four works that make up the ‘Neapolitan Novels’, an acclaimed series by the Italian author Elena Ferrante.

This is a saga of the 60-year friendship between two girls from a poor neighbourhood of Naples after the Second World War: the narrator Elena Greco, known as Lenu, whose father is a porter and Raffaella Cerullo, known as Lila, whose father is a shoemaker.

The first novel in the series is called “My Brilliant Friend” and I reviewed it here. The second novel is titled “The Story Of A New Name” and you can read my review here. I’m just concluded the third novel: “Those Who Leave And Those Who Stay”. You’ll find my review here.

These are marvellous works and I’ve gone straight on to the fourth and final novel in the sage: “The Story Of The Lost Child”.


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