Visit to Athens (5)

Our last day in Athens was a shorter one than the others because we flew back that evening.

We visited the Ancient Agora at the foot of the Acropolis which is known as the centre of Athenian democracy. The most complete and impressive structure is the doric Temple of Hephaistos which was constructed between 460-415 BC.

Our final visit was to the Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum. Lalaounis (1920-2013) was a brilliant designer of a wide range of jewellery inspired by the shapes andy forms of Ancient Greece.

We ate very well in Athens and, unlike many foreign destinations, I was able to indulge in my love of desserts. At the Acropolis Museum cafe, I discovered the best baklava I’ve ever know: the largest and sweetest piece topped by cinnamon ice cream. At lunchtime on our last day, we revisited the cafe and I was able to repeat the supreme baklava experience.

One Comment

  • Sue C

    Thanks Roger -good timing. Athens is our final port of call on the upcoming cruise. See you Friday.

    Cheers, Sue and Vic


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