What was the best ever romantic comedy?

I’ve recently watched a Channel Four documentary called “There’s Something About Romcoms” which reviewed some of the best romantic comedies of the last 30 years. The starting point for the programme was the 1989 movie “When Harry Met Sally …” I just loved this film and you can read my review of it here.


  • Liz Williams

    We watched it too and as a result ordered DVDs of Muriel’s wedding, my BF wedding and 4 weddings (which never seems to be on tv, unlike love actually and Bridget Jones which seem to be on perm repeat!). When Harry met has a special place in my heart, Chris and I saw it in the US in the days when films came out there before the UK, and loved it from start to finish. So many great moments, that one obviously, but the grape scene in the car is also rather special!

  • Roger Darlington

    I have, of course, seen all the films you mention!


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