Notes on Nairobi (6): just chilling

Day three in Nairobi was Sunday and even more chilled out.

It rained heavily in the night and was still raining over breakfast, so we thought that we might have to abandon the plan for Richard and Catrin to make a return morning visit to use the swimming pool at our hotel. But the rain stopped and soon dried up, although it was cooler than yesterday morning. So, arriving about 11 am, they managed almost an hour in the pool – I joined them – before we needed hot drinks around the pool to warm up.

At 12.30 pm, Richard drove us to the house where Vee and I distributed various items requested by Richard or Emily and some presents for little Catrin. I thought that Catrin’s favourite present would be the “Frozen” wellingtons with flashing lights in the heels, but she said that her favourite was “the minties” (three packets of sugar free Polo mints).

We then had lunch of roast chicken and salad. At this point, Vee and I indulged our preferences. Vee loves to spend time with animals, so she went off with Richard to take the dogs Luna and Harley for a walk. She found the terrain tough going and slipped over once. I love to spend time with children, so I played with Catrin in the garden and living room. This was not tough going at all because she is such fun.

Finally the five of us went out for another early dinner. This time we went to a place called “Amaica” which serves all sorts of local food (the name means “kitchen” in the Bantu language of the Luhya tribe owner). The menu was amazing. One option was something called “tsiswa” which is flying white ants. At first, I was pleased to note that it was only available seasonally and then I found that, since we have now entered the rainy period, this is the time for this delicacy to be on offer. However, I declined and – like Vee – went for something called “karanga” ( a type of beef stew).

We were dropped back at the hotel towards 7.30 pm with more tears from Catrin (“Don’t go!”).


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