Albinoni’s Adagio

I don’t know how I missed this but it was only today that I learned that Albinoni’s Adagio was not by Tomasi Albinoni. Apparently it was established in 1998 that the piece was an original composition by Remo Giazotto and not simply his arrangement of a piece from Albinoni.
Besides the fact that the music has been used in a number of films that I’ve seen – such as “Rollerball” and “Gallipoli” – the piece has a special resonance for me. The composition was first published in 1958 and therefore was still quite new when I was first married in 1972. My first wife had an uncle who was an organist and played the music for our wedding ceremony. At his suggestion, my wife entered the chapel to the Adagio.
The fact that the piece was so moving and the subsequent discovery that it was not composed by the man we thought may have been signs. We were divorced in 1982.
When I remarried, it was in a registry office with no music. We are still happy and together 28 years later.


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