How many ties you you own and in what state do you keep them?

My wife Vee and her niece Sharon (who is staying with us) decided to tackle me on my ties.

They wanted to know how many I had. I had no idea. So we counted and the answer was 33. Is that a lot or a little or average?

Then they wanted to see how I store them. The answer was in a pile in a drawer looking like a load of writhing snakes. Sharon decided that this was a totally unacceptable arrangement and tidied them up as shown in the photo. Is this neat or obsessive and is it maintainable?



  • dave

    well, since you ask, about 250. And i keep them in a complicated system of bin bags so i can make sure i wear then in strict rotation.

    at least i used to. i rarely wear a tie these days in New Zealand. Are they going the same way as the bowler hat?

  • Roger Darlington

    Hi, Dave.

    250! Bin Bags!! And you rarely wear a tie!!!

    Sounds like a good case for decluttering.

  • Nadine Wiseman

    Hello Roger

    I’m sure the ties are feeling much happier. And now that you know that, you’ll be sure to keep them so.

    See Guardian article: “Do socks and forks have feelings?”

    Do you wear a tie to all of your meetings?

  • Roger Darlington

    Hi, Nadine.

    You’re right – my ties are much happier and so far I’ve felt compelled to keep them in the tiny state organised by Sharon.

    I do wear a tie to almost all my meetings which means that, in a typical week, I wear a tie during the day on three to four days a week,


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