Consumer Focus Labs

This week the Consumer Focus Board – on which I sit – had its first meeting out of London in the cold city of Cardiff. We were addressed by the First Minister for Wales Rhodri Morgan who steps down in a few days to be replaced by Carwyn Jones.
Now Consumer Focus has a Wales office which houses all the CF Wales staff and staff working for a number of Great Britain functions. We had a brief presentation from two colleagues – Joe Cicero and Dafyyd Vaughan – who run one of these GB operations called Consumer Focus Labs.
CF Labs states on its web site: ” We build online tools to make people’s dealings with companies fairer, save them money, or keep them informed about products or issues that are important to them.” The first project is a site called Recalled Products.
I was so interested in this prospect for online campaigning and empowerment that I’ve arranged to talk further with Joe and Dafyyd in London next week.


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