Farewell to “The Newsroom” by Aaron Sorkin

I’ve just watched a recording of the sixth and final episode of the third and final series of the American televison show “The Newsroom” which in Britain was aired by the Sky Atlantic channel. I have seen all 25 episodes and really enjoyed the show. The final episode neatly pulled together many of the story strands and left us feeling good.

This political drama series was created and principally written by Aaron Sorkin who is noted for his clever (and rapid-fire) dialogue. I have seen and admired almost all his previous work including “The West Wing” (the best ever TV series) and “Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip” and the films “A Few Good Men”, “The American President”, “Charlie Wilson’s War”, “The Social Network” (especially good), and “Moneyball”.

For “The Newsroom”. you can access the official web site here¬†and the Wikipedia page here. So, is it all over? Sorkin says so, but fans of “The Newsroom” have speculated about five spin-off series.


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