Why have we turned back the clocks?

If you’re a reader in the UK, then this Sunday you turned back the clocks one hour. But why do we do this?
The change from British Summer Time (BST) back to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) has taken place annually since 1916 when, following wartime enemy Germany’s lead, the clocks went back to give farmers more daylight in the morning to work in their fields. But several organisations, including the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, want a change in the system to allow extra evening daylight all year round.
This would be a problem for Scotland being further north than the rest of the UK. But the Scots could opt to turn back the clocks if they wanted to do so. This would mean that we have two time zones in the UK, but many countries have more than one time zone and, here in the UK, we had all sorts of local times until 1880.
Check out the arguments in this article.


  • David Hughes

    Scotland should be allowed to opt out and still revert back their clocks to GMT, but England should go it alone to allow for better use of the daylight hours as well, as saving millions of pounds more each year both on electricity bills and carbon emission on the roads and, after all more lives will be saved each year from accidental road deaths on the road by traffic.
    Also it will fit in too, both with the banking and business hours with France and Spain making travelling time less confusing without messing around with the clocks and watches.
    England and Scotland should have two different time zones these days as we are now in the 21st century because England and Scotland now have got it’s own independence from each other just like with Spain and Portugal have two different time zone.
    Also it’s now time too, to put all those GMT days behind us and also moving on to a more brighter and greener future with better use of all daylight hours of which we receive.
    i hope that the Conservatives will be able to do a good job with aligning England with central European time because we are no different to France and Spain and any other western European countries are and, also it’s now the time for a change in the law to the current time zone.

  • Mavis

    How many many times have we complained about this stupid time change. Give me back double summertime, at least then I would not have to switch on the light at 3pm on an October afternoon.
    Global warming, waste of energy – grrrrrrrrr.
    If I could be a dictator for only one day and do something that could not be reversed – it would be the clock


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