Near freezing but warm welcome in Prague

Since Vee and I have each been to the Czech Republic more than 20 times, we have seen Prague in all seasons and all weathers and somehow it is a city which looks and feels magical in any circumstance. On this visit, the temperature is just above freezing and I’m glad that I brought a woollen hat that I can pull over my ears – not very sartorial but practical.

Our first trip here was in 1988 when the country was still Czechoslovakia and it was still under Communist control. It is exactly 25 years since the ‘velvet revolution’ and so much has changed for the better, although sadly much of the politics here is still childish or corrupt or both.

As always, the Horvaths have welcomed us and hosted us with great warmth and kindness. They are indeed our ‘second family’. The newest addition to the family is little Pavlik who is 14 months old and decided to delay his walking until a couple of weeks before our arrival – no doubt to impress us. He is such a cheerful fellow and we are going to have fun together. We brought him a little outfit but he seemed to be more excited by the wrapping paper than the contents.


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