Message from the Czech Republic

Dear Mr. Roger Darlington.
I am Jitka Dočekalová and I am a “personal guide” of your wife Vee and
her sister Mari.
I must write you and thank you very much for all the things you have
done for the memory of Karel Kuttelwasher. I am so excited about all
these events taking place these days!
As a present I got your book “Night Hawk” and it is excellent! You had
to take you lots of time to find out so much information about “Kut”!
And thanks to you all these activities are happening.
Kut was and is a real hero , a great person and it is very important
to inform people about his brave acts.
Mari and Vee are my friends now and they are great too! After his
father (and mother of course).
I am glad and happy to meet them and spend the lovely week with them
and all the friendly relatives and other people.
Have a nice time in England and I hope I will meet you some time in the
future here in the Czech Republic or elsewhere!
With the best regards.

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