Nephew 2: David is The Iron Man

Imagine swimming 2.4 miles (3.8 km). Imagine cycling 112 miles (180 km). Imagine running a marathon of 26.2 miles (42.2 km). Now imagine doing one after the other after the other – all on the same day. The event is called The Iron Man and it took place today in Zurich in Switzerland.
One of Vee’s nephew’s – David Rowe – was one of the 2,200 participants in this amazing ordeal (official number 1171). He did the 2.4 mile swim in 1:08:25, the 112 mile cycling in 5:36:01 and the 26.2 mile marathon in 3:47:27. That made a total time of 10:37:39 which put him at number 573 out of the 2,200 participants.
I am in utter awe of David’s performance and congratulate him BIG time.
David’s blog Rowe Running sets the scene and no doubt – once he has recovered – he’ll be giving a full account of how it went.


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