Jam for lunch

Today Vee and I made one of our regular visits to Oxford to see our Chinese ‘family’: Zhihao, Hua and their two-year old son Joshua. Little Josh just gets cuter every time we see him.
A couple of days ago, it was Zhihao’s 35th birthday so we took the family out for a celebratory meal. Just round the corner from their flat is The Jam Factory – a delightful name for a charming place. The food and service (from a Sardinian waitress) were both good and the ambiance is very pleasant.
The restaurant doubles up as an arts centre. This is what the painter currently on show has to say about her work: “Emma Moxey invites you to interpret and inhabit an evolved and translated place in which drawings re-present, respond and correspond to topopoetic patterns of thought, memory, experience and perception”. What’s that?!?


  • Janet

    OK then, Roger, confess which of the puddings you indulged in!

  • Roger Darlington

    You know me too well, Janet. It was “Naughty banana and chocolate spring rolls with honeycombed ice-cream” – delicious!

  • Emma Moxey

    Hello Roger from the artist Emma Moxey! I hope you enjoyed my work and am glad that i got you wondering while you ate your naughty banana and chocolate spring rolls! I am a great believer in ambiguity as it enables the viewer a degree of freedom in their own interpretation- and ultimately it is this personal interpretation that holds the greatest value. However in an attempt to respond- the term topopoetry was first used by the philosopher Edward S. Casey. “Among his arguments is the contention that a truly successful representation of place requires that the artist move from simply drawing the physical identity of the place (called topographic representation) to a more sublime “topopoetic” representation, capturing the emotional poetry of the place.”(blueshighway.org) Sorry to quote from another.
    If you want to know more, please contact me or visit http://www.emmamoxey.co.uk


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