Am I a white supremacist?

I’ve just had a text message from a British friend who is currently working in the United States. He told that he was in the lobby of a hotel in Connecticut where ‘SiteCoach’ would not allow him to access my web site on the grounds of ‘white supremacy’.
Check out whether you think I’m that evil by accessing the offending material.


  • Dana Huff

    An overenthusiastic filter! Probably matches by certain key words. It’s sad and ironic that your informative article about such dark corners of the Internet is blocked.

  • Mavis

    That was hilarious, I just cannot imagine how they can put you in the ‘white supremacy’ or any category listed.
    Do they read this blog?
    What you been up too that we don’t know about.
    Evil never, live yes.

  • Nick

    Roger, I was able to access NightHawk but not your home page. I submitted a comment to SiteCoach to the effect that you were left of centre and definitely not a white supremacist! Of course, I didn’t mention your… er, OK, better not go there! 😉
    I’d already checked out when I tried to view your home page in the lobby, so I don’t know whether SiteCoach was doing its stuff in my hotel room, too. I would have complained at the front desk had it been.
    It reminds me of about 10 years ago when I sent some emails from the local library, in Lancashire. A friend responded asking, “What’s this about a ‘____ysis of the situation’?” Sure enough, some mindless filter had stripped out the letters ‘anal’! I complained to one of the librarians, but she just said, “It’s to protect the public, sir!”
    Googling Sitecoach hotel turns up quite a few stories about blocked pages. Check out this complaint about SiteCoach considering the word ‘lesbian’ to be inappropriate content.


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