It’s my birthday (again)

Today’s my birthday. This is surprising to me because I’m sure that I had one last year – but they seem to keep coming. As my wife says, it’s better than the alternative.
Last year, it was a special birthday; this year, it’s a routine one (I’m 61). In fact, so routine was it that I was working: chairing a meeting on the mobile sector for Consumer Focus. However, colleagues at CF were really kind and delivered a birthday cake with candles. Thanks, guys!


  • David Eden

    The traditional Jewish birthday wish is “Ad meah ve’essreem!” which means “Until one hundred and twenty” and is meant to wish the birthday (boy/girl) a long life. The source of this invocation is the biblical figure Abraham, who lived to 120.
    In the Socialist Kibbutz movement in Israel, we were quite irreverent, so on someone’s birthday we say “Ad meah ke’essreem!” which means “Until one hundred as if you’re twenty!” Happy birthday!

  • Dana Huff

    Happy Birthday!

  • Mavis

    Time flies – and boy as you get older it moves quicker.
    Happy Birthday Young ‘Un’.

  • Sharon

    Hello Roger, hope you got your card and present safe and sound and that you had a lovely day 🙂


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