Back online (again)

Regular visitors to NightHawk will know about my time off-line when I lost my Internet connection and it took about 20 calls to Pipex and 10 days for my connection to be restored. For the next two weeks, things worked like a dream.
Then, about mid-day on Tuesday, I lost my connection AGAIN. Either Pipex are upping their game or I was more persistent or I was just plain lucky, but this time it only took two calls and two days to restore the connection.
By the law of averages, I should now have fault-free service for at least a decade. Let’s see …


  • Eric Lee

    Quit. Pipex. Now.

  • Roger Darlington

    As soon as I’ve finished processing my formal complaint on the original fault.

  • mavis

    Do as Eric says and still pursue your formal complaint.
    You only were off two days because you are probably marked as a ‘trouble-maker’ – and don’t you dare come back at me and said ‘Who me’ all innocent like.
    I know all about ‘starring’ worked for a longtime in a ‘front line’ customer driven service – remember.
    And how come I keep on putting a tick in the remember personal info box since you last went down and it does not remember me.
    You trying to get rid – no chance – been around you too long.


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