What does an ordinary Russian think about the situation in Crimea?

An American friend of mine is still in touch with a Russian he met while visiting the country. She has just sent him this observation:

“The events in the Ukraine are in the focus of attention in Russia. We get a lot of information every minute from different sources which are very contraversial and diverse. The news are extremely complicated and alarming.

There are a lot of issues in one, the most alarming is the human factor, most of the people here are praying that they are not developed into open confrontation, bloodshed and war. The situation in the Crimea is extremely complicated with all the Russians living there ( 65% of the population).

You know it was the former part of Russia which was given to Ukraine by N Kchrushev in the 60s. Besides, Russia has got its fleet there. Most people here do not approve Russian military action in the  Crimea, there were numerious demonstrations in Moscow. I am aware about the reaction in the West including the US.

I just hope that we shall not enter again into the period of cold war and isolation, most of the population of Russian people do not want it.  And you understand that it will effect Russian common people.

The reputation of our president is not very high and the last events will not bring him any sympathy and support. It is a pity that the events may effect common Russians and bring to reduction of relations on grassroot level.

So far the news are not very encouraging, but I still hope that the wisdom will prevail.”


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